We Are Connection Experts

We all crave connection. It’s what makes us human. So whether you are looking for stand-out professional headshots or scroll-stopping portraits for your portfolio, the one thing that will make your portraits exceptional is personal connection.

Your website and social media accounts are your personal shopfront, so they need to make you stand out, making you look professional, confident & approachable.

When a potential client views your business profile online or a casting agent glances through your portfolio; images with personal connection will always grab their attention.

The art of connection is what sets A1 Creative Photography apart from the rest.


When you feel good, you look good. However it’s likely that the idea of having your photo taken makes you feel anything but good. That’s why our time-unlimited sessions, state-of-the-art lighting and personal expression coaching are all intended to give you a great, relaxed experience, ensuring that you walk away from you session with stunning images that you’ll be delighted to display for the world to see (and you only pay for the images you love).

Finally!! Photos of YOU, that actually look like YOU – and you on your best day – guaranteed!!