4 People or 400, We’ve Got You Covered

Everyone loves to see who they are working with before we sign on the dotted line. That’s why team headshots are an important part of doing business. Whether for team profiles on your company website, LinkedIn, or for email signatures, . We specialise in delivering consistent headshots of sales teams, support staff, partners, and event attendees. No matter how large your company, we have the experience and resources to deliver quality headshots that everyone will love. At your place or ours.

Why Are We Different?

We (actually) care. We’re not your run-of-the-mill photography team. We’re passionate, driven, and fiercely dedicated. Our mission is clear: to thrust businesses into the spotlight, to nurture the growth of brands, and to do it all with unwavering commitment.

We come prepared. When we arrive, we’re armed to the teeth with the tools of our trade. Lint-rollers, portable mirrors, and every other detail to ensure your session shines. We don’t just snap pictures; we shoulder the weight of crafting the perfect image, leaving no stone unturned.

Your team will like us. We get it—photography can be intimidating. But our sessions? They’re like stepping into a world of fun and levity. We turn nervous subjects into laughing, relaxed individuals in the blink of an eye.

Efficiency is key. We move with the precision of a well-oiled machine, yet you’ll never feel the pressure of time bearing down on you. With online scheduling, instant image selection, and swift online delivery, we’ll save you from drowning in a flood of post-session emails.

You will LOVE our photos. Prepare to be blown away. We know that picture day often ranks as high as a root canal on the excitement scale. But once your team sets eyes on their images, they’ll be counting down the days until the next photo day!

Team Headshot Pricing

Team headshot sessions can take place on-location at your office or another location of your choice. For teams working remotely, new hires, or small teams, our Chichester studio is available for sessions. Team sessions are billed per-person (including one fully-edited image per person) with the price per-person going down in tiers. The first 4-9 people at £150, employees 10-19 billed at £130 each and so on.

4-9 people: £150/person

Recommended that you set aside one hour for shooting time. Available in our studio or on location at your office.

10-19 people: £130/person

Recommended that you set aside two hours for shooting time. Available in our studio or on location at your office.

20-25 people: £120/person

Recommended that you set aside two and a half hours for shooting time. Available in our studio or on location at your office.

25+ people: Contact Us

Teams larger than 25 may require a custom quote or qualify for a volume group rate. Contact us for pricing.

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Event and High-Volume Headshots

Brands and businesses are taking advantage of trade shows and conferences as the perfect place to get great headshots. It enables companies with a large, geographically diverse workforce to get stunning and consistent headshots. Having headshot stations at an event also works as an awesome marketing tool for vendors and sponsors. 

Pricing for event and high-volume headshots is by half day/full day. Half day is up to four consecutive hours, full day is up to eight consecutive hours. We are able to photograph as many as twenty people per hour.

Event Headshots: £1650/£3200

Half day (up to 4 hours) or whole day (4-8 hours) of headshots. The event headshot package includes: All images in high resolution, file organization (renaming files to the person in the photo). a standard commercial usage license, a lead list of all people photographed and their contact info in Excel or CSV format.

On Site Image Selection: £500/£900

A must for large groups. Our staff will guide every person through the process of viewing their headshots immediately after they are photographed and assist them in selecting their favourite image.

Hair And Makeup: £550/£950

To help everyone look their best, we can provide an on-site hair and makeup station so that everyone who gets a headshot has the option of a quick touch up before they get in front of the camera.

Retouching: £20 per image

Our high volume headshot sessions do not include a full-retouch. Depending on your needs, you may want to provide a retouched image for each person we photograph. This includes removing stray hairs, reducing facial shine, removing blemishes, and lightening dark circles under eyes.

More Information

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John Griffiths

Property investor

“As soon as I saw the first photo my hesitation disappeared! I could see quite clearly the quality, benefits, and wow factor to Jon’s headshots.”

Kathryn Wiley

Utilities Broker

“I Highly recommend Jon. He put me fully at ease and got some great shots of a usually un-photogenic person!”

Stephen Harban-Bullock

Graphic Designer

“I don’t enjoy having my photo taken, but Jon put me at ease. I really enjoyed my session and got some great images that will work well for me and my business.”