Jon Mills Photographer

So who is Jon Mills?

Hey there. I’m Jon Mills, a professional photographer with a passion for capturing human expression.

Yet most people HATE being in front of a camera – it feels unnatural, awkward and usually producing unpleasing results – and that’s where I can help.

Why focus on headshots?

Simply put, I love making a difference. I’m convinced that no-one is “un-photogenic” – they just don’t feel comfortable in photos, and it usually shows in the end results. Yet a great headshot can totally make you stand out, show off your real beauty and make you feel GREAT about yourself.

As a specialist headshot photographer my priority is helping my clients to look (and feel) great in their images. A huge part of my process is in coaching clients to acheive great confident and approachable expression. This comes through a fine blend of direction, misdirection and loads of fun throughout my sessions.

I love the photographic process and am a self confessed gear-junkie, I totally understand how to get amazing, consistent lighting and exposure every time, which means that during my sessions I can focus completely on YOU.

So what makes me different from every other photographer?

Of course my aim is to deliver a range of exceptional images for every client, but my passion lies in providing an amazing and memorable experience for YOU throughout the creative process. I take time to understand your needs and deliver an enjoyable experience as we create beautiful images that capture your unique personality and achieve genuine, un-forced expression.

Having great headshots will not only attract new clients to your business, but will also help you to feel more professional and confident about yourself.

I can help you show the world what you are really worth.

Other, less interesting stuff about me…

Ever since I purchased my first ‘Konika POP’ camera, aged 7, I have rarely been seen without a camera in my hands. I’m convinced that every photo tells a unique story and believe that your story is one worth telling. 

In case it matters to you, when I’m not taking photos of people, I’m usually doing similar work but with pets (see a1pawtraits.com). On the odd occasion when I’m not holding a camera you’ll find me cycling, surfing or busy planning my next adventure. (but I’ll tell you more during our session).

Let chat…

I love what I do, and I love helping businesses to get noticed and to thrive. I also love to talk, so if you have questions or want to know more, why not book a free zoom consultation. I’d love hear about you and your business and tell you a little more about mine.